Shreveport, La

Incredibly Handy Cell Phone Boosters

If you’re getting frustrated because of lost calls due to bad cell phone reception, come in to Auto Mall Accessories now and get yourself a cell phone booster.

Cell phone boosters work by magnifying cell phone reception to the local area by the usage of a reception antenna, a signal amplifier, and an internal rebroadcast antenna. You’ll never lose reception on the edge of town again. These units are critical for being able to work in a rural environment where using your cell phone or laptop is normally not possible. Be more productive!

Enjoy a great phone call experience on the road

Get the perfect cell phone paring for your vehicle. While having your cell phone booster installed, be sure to get a hands-free device installed too. Use your car’s speakers to hear your phone call.

Make your auto phone call experience even better with a touch screen that has Bluetooth® capability, so you can easily connect your cell phone to your car wirelessly.