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Shreveport, La

Backup Cameras and Sensors, for Superior Safety

Backing out of your driveway or parking space can be dangerous and difficult. Your mirrors may not show you everything you need to see. To be sure you’re not missing a thing, come to Auto Mall Accessories and get a review camera or backup sensors that beep when you get too close to an object.

If you drive a bigger vehicle, a review camera is a great way to eliminate your blind zone. For a vehicle of any size, backup sensors can help you to avoid things behind you that you may have missed, like your child’s bicycle.

Customized backup options available

We have several ways of adding a backup camera to your car. Some cars allow us to integrate the image into your factory screen. Other cars may require a new rear view mirror with an integrated 4.5 inch colored screen.
Rest assured, we want your system to look as stock as possible.

Have a backup camera installed on your vehicle and take comfort in knowing that you’ll easily avoid minor and major accidents. Backup solutions are offered for most vehicle makes and models. Let us customize a solution specifically for your vehicle.

Get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made the best decision to keep your family and your car safe.